Category: Certificates

In order to be sure that your property satisfies all regulations and should be given a certificate, there are four stages that will take place during your inspection. These are: Visual inspection: This is where the property will be inspected at face value, to see if there is anything that is obviously wrong about anything that could cause a problem. Dead testing: This part of the test will test your electric connectors to ensure that the connections are sound, and that the insulation is working as it should. The insulation should be in place to prevent system shocks, so it is particularly important that it is intact. Live testing: Here, the engineer is testing what would happen if there was a major problem with any part of your system. Ideally, your system would shut down quickly to avoid any further damage, and this test will work out whether your system is able to perform in this way. RCD testing: This is where your residual-current devices are tested. These are in place for the purpose of preventing fires, so this is a very important stage in the process if you’re renting out your property. Will I be without power during the inspection? You will have power for some of the time, but there will need to be times where it is switched off. Therefore, you should take all appropriate measures to make sure that everything is safe and secure and avoid opening your fridge and freezer while there is no power to it.