Playing St Andrews Old Course

We understand that for many golfers their trip to Scotland is dependent on securing a Guaranteed Tee Time on the Old Course at St Andrews. We offer the following two options:

  • A Guaranteed Tee Time within one of our packages or
  • Entry on one or more occasions into the 48 hour Old Course Ballot / Lottery (This option has proven very successful in the past but IS NOT guaranteed. If choosing this option we recommend at least 3 or 4 days in St Andrews to maximize your chances. Please note No Ballot entry on a Friday as there is no Play on the Old Course on Sunday)
  • Ballot / Lottery option is a minimum of 2 golfers
  • Peak Season for Golf is July, August & September, avoiding these months, if possible, will improve your vacation experience and your chances on the Old Course
  • Old Course Handicap Limits are strictly 24 for men and 36 for ladies
  • You must produce your Index Card or Handicap Certificate at the course on the day

General Golf FAQs

Some generic information about your round:

  • Handicap limits are strict for certain courses and a number of golf clubs will require an index card or handicap certificate to be shown on the day
  • Caddies should be requested well in advance but are never 100% guaranteed
  • Caddies will not carry golf bags that do not have appropriate carrying strap
  • Caddies will only carry one bag
  • Caddie fees and gratuities are to be paid in cash at the end of the round to the Caddie.
  • Caddie fees are normally £40 – £50 and tips normally around £15 – £20
  • Rental Clubs are available at most courses but require pre-booking
  • On occasions Caddies will work for 2 golfers assuming this is reflected in the gratuity
  • Most courses do not permit ride on carts, any that do usually require a medical certificate
  • Pull carts can be rented at all golf courses
  • Denim Jeans are not permitted and if wearing shorts they must be tailored
  • It is expected that golfers will arrive at least 30 mins before their tee time
  • Not all courses in Scotland offer driving range facilities

Golf Accommodation FAQs

Our accommodation recommendations are personally selected and we continue to visit these properties on a regular basis to ensure the standards are maintained:

  • The majority of bedrooms have en-suite facilities
  • Breakfast is always included unless you are on a self-catering basis where breakfast can sometimes be arranged
  • UK power supplies are 240 v, 50 hertz, and most properties in Scotland have square 3 pin sockets for appliances with 3, 5 and 13 amp fuses. Converter / Adaptor plugs can normally be purchased at airports and larger stores. Travel plugs should be UK compatible, European are not the same.
  • Most rooms contain hair-dryers but you will require converters for your phone, curling tongs, laptop and shavers (Shavers may be require a 2 pin round plug)

Golf Transport & Getting Around FAQs

Scotland has a large landmass compared to centres of population and therefore transport links and roads and highways are rather limited. There are a very few motorways and A roads are windy and narrow and this can be daunting if you are not used to them. We therefore strongly recommend you consider this before opting for a rental vehicle.:

  • Fuel is expensive and distances can be greater than you think
  • Once you add in insurance upgrades, parking, and stress for the driver (and passengers) it is not much cheaper than our recommended option of a driver
  • A driver will ensure your trip is stress free and allows you to make the most of your time here.
  • Drivers are very handy for local knowledge and helping with any questions along the way
  • There is an almost zero tolerance on drink driving in the UK, this could impact on your enjoyment.
  • We do not book flights

Currency & Tips, Taxes FAQs

Currency in Scotland is GB Pound. All tours are to be paid in GB Pounds, it is not within our control to set the exchange rate to allow payment in any other currency. Exchange rates are an international matter and fluctuate by the hour. There are no hard and fast rules on tipping in the UK, but there are some generally accepted guidelines:

  • Tips of around 15% are normally expected in restaurant, but you should always check your bill or the bottom of the menu to see if a service charge has already been included
  • Tips to taxi’s are always expected and normally 10% to 15%
  • Tips for a private driver my exceed taxi amounts. We can advise on this when you book.
  • Tips may be appropriate at quality accommodation on departure.
  • Tips are not normal in other circumstances (with the exception of Caddies – as discussed above)
  • Tax in the UK is VAT (Value Added Tax) and is currently set at 20%. This is generally included in the price advertised or paid unless otherwise stated.
  • Reclaim forms for visitors may be issued in some shops and at airports to allow the refund of VAT for purchases taken out of the UK at departures.

Golf Tour Bookings & Payment

Currency in Scotland is GB Pound. All tours are to be paid in GB Pounds

  • We accept payment by American Express, Visa and Mastercard.
  • We do add a surcharge of 2.5%. This surcharge is necessary to cover charges applied by the merchant supplier and card company for the transaction and the international transfer (and/or conversion) of the funds
  • Terms will be stated on your invoice and are normally 50% on booking but if booking well in advance this may be split into 3 payments on a 40%, 30%, 30% basis (subject to the tour content).
  • Final payment is normally due no later than 14 weeks prior to date of travel (subject to the tour content).
  • Any booking within 14 weeks of travel will be invoiced for the full amount on booking.
  • Around 4 weeks prior to travel we will supply you with your full Tour Documents and Tour Vouchers